How To Buy A Digital Camera

June 2, 2016      |     admin

When you are ready to buy digital camera options can easily overwhelm you. There are many outstanding styles of cameras on the market today....

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How Do You Make Money With Your Photos?

May 31, 2016      |     admin

Do you think you would enjoy taking pictures with your digital camera and making money from home by simply uploading them to various websites...

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Why The Photography Customer Buys

May 15, 2016      |     admin

Knowing why people buy is helpful in understanding and successfully marketing. Perhaps you already know why people buy, but do you know all 51...

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What Do You Think Is Good Pet Photography?

May 9, 2016      |     admin

What makes good pet photography? Is it the cuteness of the pet? Is it the cuteness of the pose? Maybe! Like much of photography,...

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A New Take on Zurbaran’s Painting of Oranges and Lemons

May 5, 2016      |     admin

Jo Whaley uses still life photography to recreate Zurbaran's 16th century painting of oranges and lemons When photography recreates historical art, magical things can...

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A Mouthwatering Shot of Fresh Tomato Slices

May 3, 2016      |     admin

The technique and setup behind this shot of fresh, ripe tomato slices The technique Ron Goldman used to photograph the orange peppers worked on...

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