A Deeper Look at a Photograph of Pomegranate Seeds

This pomegranate seeds photograph isn't just a pretty picture They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and this shot with the insects and the pomegranate seeds is a perfect example. Here Jo Whaley explains how she created this unique photograph, and exactly what she was trying to say with it. A Photograph with a Message Jo Whaley: This piece, called Overripe Population, features insets

A Colorful and Interesting Photograph of Chips and Salsa

You won't believe what type of lighting this beautiful chips and salsa photo was shot with If you think photography lighting is expensive, this chips and salsa picture is going to give you the surprise of your life. Here Ron Goldman explains how to get a professional lighting look with things you probably already have at home. A Cheaper Approach to Lighting Ron Goldman: This

4 Exercises You Can Do Now to Improve Your Flower Photography

Want to improve your flower photography? Start by picking your subject and getting in close Many of our subscribers wanted to know if there are specific exercises, or learning tools, they can use to improve their flower photography. I asked Tony Sweet if he has any favorites. Tony's reply... There's no such thing as too close in flower photography Tony Sweet: Sure. Get close to


There’re a few of different guidelines of digital photography lighting which often can drastically help the pictures’ quality while using small hard work. And to look at the very good and interesting photographs you must understand along with know the proper use in the darkness along with light. By only brightening your some popular features of the picture although it is not accentuating the opposite

Podcast #50: Expedition Photography: Tibet, Burma, and Beyond — An Interview with Ken Parker (Part Two)

Everything you'll ever need to know about expedition photography In the second part of our interview, Ken Parker reveals his personal secrets of expedition photography. He will revolutionize your views on nature photos, demonstrating that you too can set out on this sort of adventure. Everything You Need to Know to Undertake Your Own Photography Expedition Many people view expedition photography with trepidation, but Ken

Podcast #49: The Magic of Expedition Photography: An Interview With Ken Parker (Part One)

Revealing nature's magic and mystique through expedition photography Ken Parker is a master of expedition photography, putting more time and planning into each image than some people put into an entire shoot. Join us as he shares his secrets for creating landscapes with depth, beauty, and power, from what lighting to use to plotting your expedition hike's trails. Taking the Plunge with Expedition Photography Whether

P#49: Show Notes for Expedition Photography — An Interview With Ken Parker

Learn how to unleash your adventurous side as Ken Parker takes us on a journey through expedition photography. Expedition photography is just a another way of memorializing nature's mysteries. While some photographers work in studios or at home, Ken puts the adventure in photography, traveling far and wide to capture images of natural beauty. Show Notes for 7 Photography Questions Interview with Ken Parker Topic:

P#29: Show Notes for Japan’s Winter Wildlife Photography — An Interview with Roy Toft

Uncover the secrets of Japan's winter wildlife photography as Roy Toft reveals what it takes to capture amazing shots of nature's children in the harshest of conditions Wildlife photography can be a challenge, to say the least. Your subjects aren't always willing to cooperate and sometimes they're down right unruly. Add that to the fact that winter wildlife photographers have to weather some of nature's

P#29: A Steller’s Sea Eagle in Flight

Luck, patience and timing all played a part in this amazing Steller's sea eagle photograph What does it take to capture an incredible shot like this silhouette of a Steller's sea eagle? Roy Toft explains how timing, lighting and even a private boat all played a part... Patience Pays Roy Toft: The next shot is also a Steller's sea eagle. Luckily we had our own

P#29: A Red Crowned Crane in the Dead of Winter

Roy Toft braves the harshest of elements to capture this red crowned crane photo Sometimes capturing the perfect photo means enduring severe conditions, as Roy had to do for this red crowned crane photograph. It meant shooting in the freezing cold and waiting for the sun to come up, but the resulting image was well worth it. From Pain Comes Beauty Roy Toft: This picture

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