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Shutter Speed

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Top tips on using the shutter speed to great effect The term shutter speed is often used in digital photography and this is something that all new entrants need to

Selecting A Nikon Digital Camera

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There are several options in the Nikon digital camera line, many of which will provide a superb picture. Nikon is well known in the photography industry as a leader in

Selecting A Kodak Digital Camera

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The line of Kodak digital camera products is outstanding, offering something for everyone. Who you are says a lot about the type of camera that you will need, and the

Selecting A Canon Digital Camera

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The Canon digital camera line is one of the best available today. Their cameras run a range of inexpensive and everyday pieces to professional photography equipment with the latest technological

Rule of Thirds

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A quick glance at the rule of thirds One of the cardinal things that you will need to consider in serious digital photography is the rule of thirds. It is

How To Buy A Digital Camera

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When you are ready to buy digital camera options can easily overwhelm you. There are many outstanding styles of cameras on the market today. Leading brands and not so well

Why The Photography Customer Buys

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Knowing why people buy is helpful in understanding and successfully marketing. Perhaps you already know why people buy, but do you know all 51 reasons? The more of those reasons

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