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What’s Included?

For anyone who likes taking pictures with their digital camera, DigiCamCash is an ideal way to take those pics and sell them online for an ongoing monthly income. So, what is included inside DigiCamCash and how can it help you? When you get DigiCamCash it's important to note that you will have immediate access to everything in the program. There is no waiting for anything

What You Need To Be Successful

DigiCamCash is an exciting new way of making an ongoing extra income just by taking pictures with your digital camera and selling them online. With that said, one of the most common questions I hear asked is, "What do I need to have to get started with DigiCamCash?" Here's a look that should help answer your question. Fortunately, to be successful with DigiCamCash you will

Shutter Speed

Top tips on using the shutter speed to great effect The term shutter speed is often used in digital photography and this is something that all new entrants need to be aware of even as they deal with the considerable responsibilities that go with this industry. For example you might be given the responsibility for shooting the wedding photographs for someone. Therefore you have to

Selecting A Nikon Digital Camera

There are several options in the Nikon digital camera line, many of which will provide a superb picture. Nikon is well known in the photography industry as a leader in providing quality components, excellent service and products to serve all needs. Most of the products produced by Nikon are consumer based cameras. These highly desirable digital cameras are worth the investment in the long term

Selecting A Kodak Digital Camera

The line of Kodak digital camera products is outstanding, offering something for everyone. Who you are says a lot about the type of camera that you will need, and the type of photos you are most likely to take. To determine which the best camera is for you, ask yourself what types of photos you will take. Landscapes and portraits are different types and offer

Selecting A Canon Digital Camera

The Canon digital camera line is one of the best available today. Their cameras run a range of inexpensive and everyday pieces to professional photography equipment with the latest technological features. Choosing the right camera for you starts by determining what you will use it for and what features you would like the camera to have. With the wide range of options available to you,

Rule of Thirds

A quick glance at the rule of thirds One of the cardinal things that you will need to consider in serious digital photography is the rule of thirds. It is indeed one of the ways that you can make a name for yourself in the industry as well as winning some crucial customer channels for your future stability. In this rule you will need to

Why The Photography Customer Buys

Knowing why people buy is helpful in understanding and successfully marketing. Perhaps you already know why people buy, but do you know all 51 reasons? The more of those reasons you know, the better you'll be able to market. In his book, "Rapid Response Advertising," author, Geoff Ayling, provides his version of fifty reasons why people (the photography customer and everybody else) buy. People make

What Do You Think Is Good Pet Photography?

What makes good pet photography? Is it the cuteness of the pet? Is it the cuteness of the pose? Maybe! Like much of photography, what is considered “good” varies. There are the “artistic” standards; the formal school of photography standards; the commercial standards; and the pedigree pet “confirmation” standards; just to name a few. So, the criteria that I offer here for what makes good


There’re a few of different guidelines of digital photography lighting which often can drastically help the pictures’ quality while using small hard work. And to look at the very good and interesting photographs you must understand along with know the proper use in the darkness along with light. By only brightening your some popular features of the picture although it is not accentuating the opposite

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