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P#29: A Red Crowned Crane in the Dead of Winter

Roy Toft braves the harshest of elements to capture this red crowned crane photo Sometimes capturing the perfect photo means enduring severe conditions, as Roy had to do for this red crowned crane photograph. It meant shooting in the freezing cold and waiting for the sun to come up, but the resulting image was well worth it. From Pain Comes Beauty Roy Toft: This picture

P#29: A Photograph of a Noble Steller’s Eagle

Roy Toft goes out of his way to capture the majesty of the Steller's eagle Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to capture nature's most notable wildlife, as is the case with the Steller's eagle. Here Roy Toft explains why this eagle is so special to him, and how he managed to get this incredible shot. A Remarkable Species Roy Toft:

P#29: Feel the Suspense in this Shot of a Red Fox Hunting

Roy Toft captures the true nature of a red fox hunting among the cranes The red fox hunting in this photograph may not be looking at the camera, but that's exactly the way Roy Toft wanted it. Here he explains this suspenseful and intriguing photograph. In the Wild Roy Toft: Moving on to this photo of a red fox hunting, we're still with cranes but

P#29: An Endearing Photograph of a Snow Monkey Mother with Baby

Capturing this perfect mother with baby shot was not as easy as it may seem While it's true that great photographs of snow monkeys aren't always hard to get, this particular mother with baby shot was one exception. Just shooting the monkeys where they played would have been easy, but Roy took it a step further to capture exactly what his mind's eye wanted... Getting

P#29: A Striking Image of Japanese Cranes

The perfection and beauty of Japanese Cranes in a courtship dance captured in a photo Everything seems to come together in this photograph of Japanese cranes. The falling snow, the beautiful movement - it all falls into place. How did Roy Toft accomplish such a masterpiece? Here he explains... Wildlife at It's Most Beautiful Roy Toft: With this shot of the Japanese cranes we're going

P#29: A Loving Photograph of Two Snow Monkeys Hugging

The perfect subject, right lens and proper focus creates an amazing photograph of two snow monkeys embracing When you're photographing snow monkeys you need to frame your shot perfectly if you really want to capture their personalities. Roy Toft explains exactly how he did that during his 7 Photography Questions interview. Framing Personality Roy Toft: This is an adorable photograph of two cute snow monkeys

P#24: Up Close and Personal with an African Leopard

Scott Stulberg explains the details behind this breathtaking shot of an African Leopard Getting this close to an African Leopard is equal parts excitement to get the shot and fear you might miss it. Here, Scott tells us how he captured this gorgeous close-up. Sharp as a Tack Scott Stulberg: The next one is a close-up of a leopard. This was with a 500mm lens.

P#24: The Lighter Side of a Maasai Warrior

Scott Stulberg explains how he captured this image of a smiling Maasai warrior How did Scott Stulberg create such a unique portrait of a Maasai warrior? In this portion of his 7 Photography Questions interview he explains the tricks and techniques used to capture such amazing close-up shots. It's all About Macro Scott Stulberg: This is an image of a Maasai warrior. We had been

P#29: A Heartwarming Shot of a Baby Snow Monkey

Roy Toft explains why it wasn't too hard to get this adorable shot of the baby snow monkey Wildlife photographers are used to waiting hours for the perfect subject to appear, but when your subject is a snow monkey it's not so complicated. Roy Toft explains that shooting wildlife in Japan can be much easier than in other parts of the world. The Perfect Subject

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