Do you think you would enjoy taking pictures with your digital camera and making money from home by simply uploading them to various websites from your home computer? Sounds like a lot of fun doesn’t it? For those currently using DigiCamCash, it is a lot of fun, not to mention profitable. A question you may be asking yourself right now is “how do you make money with this?” Hopefully this article will help answer it for you.

DigiCamCash is a new and exciting guide detailing exactly how to take pictures with your digital camera, upload them and make an ongoing monthly income from selling them online.

Residual Income

One of the best things about selling your pics online is that they can be sold over and over again, and each time they sell, you get paid for it. So, if you have a popular photo that is bought by 40 different people this month, you would get paid 40 times for it.

There are numerous websites to list all of your pictures on, and DigiCamCash lists them all for you along with links to each one.

A big tip here is to put your pics on as many of these websites as possible. You want to maximize your exposure and give yourself as many opportunities to sell your pics as you possibly can.

It’s In The Numbers

It’s really a numbers game. You will find that some of your pictures will sell like crazy, while others may not sell at all. No worry though because the ones that sell can earn you a substantial ongoing income.

The key is to put up lots of pictures and then track your results. Look for your biggest sellers and then take advantage of them. Snap similar photos and upload them. You will increase your results by doing so. This is because if one photo is selling well, similar pics should follow suit.

As you can tell, by using this simple system you can easily sell your digital photos online and create a nice income from it.