The technique and setup behind this shot of fresh, ripe tomato slices

The technique Ron Goldman used to photograph the orange peppers worked on tomato slices as well. Here he explains what went into this mouthwatering shot…

The Beauty of a Reflective Surface

Ron Goldman: This photograph of tomato slices was taken pretty much the same way as the shot of the orange peppers. I was having so much fun with the peppers that I went out and picked a tomato, sliced it, and laid it on the mirror to get the exact same effect as I did in the pepper image above. (click the image for a larger version)

The uses of a shot setup like this are pretty much limitless. There are so many subjects that would work well with lighting like this coming in from the side through a window, a nice black background, and a reflective surface.

In Summary

Peppers and tomatoes aren’t the only things this photography setup would work for. If you like the effect the mirror and black background provided for these tomato slices, you can do the same thing with millions of other subjects as well.