A picture of ice cream desserts that’s so sweet, your mouth will water

One ice cream dessert is nice, but a whole row of ice cream desserts is to die for. How did Ron Goldman create such an interesting pattern? Here he explains exactly what it takes to get an amazing shot like this one.

Just Desserts

Ron Goldman: This photograph of the ice cream desserts was actually done on the same day as the chocolate and the raspberry sauce image. It’s one of the appetizers that they use in their wedding catering. As they were bringing out different dishes, I was able to leave my camera set up where it was and just move the dishes around and change the lighting as I needed, so it was a pretty simple shot really. (click the image for a larger version)

It’s just got one strobe that was fitted with a grid spot. The grid just really concentrates the light into a smaller area. As you can see from the shadows and the light hitting the side, it’s at about 135 degrees from the camera lens so that it’s shining across from the back which really brings out the texture in the subject.
It was shot at f2.8, so it’s a very shallow depth of field. I like it mostly because of the simplicity of it. It really focuses on that one appetizer in the front with the nice repeated pattern going along behind it.

In Summary

Sometimes less is more, although we don’t usually associate that saying with dessert. But as Ron Goldman explains, simplicity is exactly how he got this appetizing image of these ice cream desserts.