Everything you’ll ever need to know about expedition photography

In the second part of our interview, Ken Parker reveals his personal secrets of expedition photography. He will revolutionize your views on nature photos, demonstrating that you too can set out on this sort of adventure.

Everything You Need to Know to Undertake Your Own Photography


Many people view expedition photography with trepidation, but Ken will tell you everything you need to know to make your adventure a success — and turn out some amazing photos besides. Just some of the things Ken’s shares:

• His favorite locations and what makes them so special
• How to manage your expedition financially
• How to capture the mood, feeling, and vibe of a location
• The secrets behind his favorite photos
• The biggest hint for improving your photography

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced traveler or a relative novice, Ken’s tips will leave you smiling. You can get all of this information and more for FREE by subscribing to our podcasts on iTunes. You’ll get Ken’s interview, and many more, on yourcomputer, iPhone, or iPod. Or, if you’d rather listen on the web, click “play now” to get started!