Revealing nature’s magic and mystique through expedition photography

Ken Parker is a master of expedition photography, putting more time and planning into each image than some people put into an entire shoot. Join us as he shares his secrets for creating landscapes with depth, beauty, and power, from what lighting to use to plotting your expedition hike’s trails.

Taking the Plunge with Expedition Photography

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or you’ve always been curious about expedition photography, Ken will have the advice you need. His enthusiasm and dedication are so exciting you just might find yourself plotting a trip to Burma! Just a few of the things he shares with us include:

• how to capture the energy and excitement of exotic locations through photography

• the biggest mistake people make when planning expeditions

• the “must have” equipment for any photography expedition

• how to figure out the best time of year to visit any location

• how to maintain the respect of your host country and its people while still creating fantastic images

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