Luck, patience and timing all played a part in this amazing Steller’s sea eagle photograph

What does it take to capture an incredible shot like this silhouette of a Steller’s sea eagle? Roy Toft explains how timing, lighting and even a private boat all played a part…

Patience Pays

Roy Toft: The next shot is also a Steller’s sea eagle. Luckily we had our own private boat for this shot as well. We can be out there all day long and even past sunset, and this shot was taken right as the sun was going down. We were all waiting for the perfect moment, with these eagles sitting on an iceberg. (click the image for a larger version)

This is the shot we’re all waiting for — when that Steller’s sea eagle jumps off and we can get him in a beautiful wing position in this silhouette. There was a little bit of luck involved in this shot. That was one of my favorite photographs from last year’s trip.

In Closing

Sometimes the perfect shot means waiting – and waiting, and waiting. It may have taken Roy Toft all day to get this amazing Steller’s sea eagle shot, but the absolute beauty of the picture more than makes up for the effort.