Capturing this perfect mother with baby shot was not as easy as it may seem

While it’s true that great photographs of snow monkeys aren’t always hard to get, this particular mother with baby shot was one exception. Just shooting the monkeys where they played would have been easy, but Roy took it a step further to capture exactly what his mind’s eye wanted…

Getting the Perfect Shot

Roy Toft: This snow monkey photograph is of a mother with baby. As with other wildlife, the key to getting photos that are interesting is to watch the patterns. This was a pattern. There was a little snow chute where the monkeys were walking through to get down to a lower elevation.

A lot of people were just wherever they were standing shooting where the monkeys were at. I saw this chute and went right over to the base of the chute, laid on the ground so I’m right in that position where they’re going to be coming straight at me down this chute.

It’s just envisioning what you want in an image and putting yourself in the right spot. Once again, these are animals that don’t really care where you’re at so you move and put yourself in the right position. (click the image for a larger version)

The baby is clinging to mom’s belly. You’ve got to get that eye contact. I had plenty of shots where the baby wasn’t looking up when momma and baby came through this shoot. You get extra changes. There wasn’t just one mother with baby shot, there were many of them.

Five minutes later after this shot, there was another momma with a baby so I would wait for the mothers and the babies to come through the chute and then just try to get that one shot where the baby is looking up. That’s what that shot is.

Audri Lanford: There you also see the gorgeous snow.

Roy Toft: Yes, and the pop in the face. You see these colors in the face. Once again, it’s not bright light. That’s the key. When you’re shooting in snow, you can’t have that bright sun out or you’re just going to lose all that detail that you would normally see that you see in this shot.

In Conclusion

Roy Toft really had to work for this amazing shot. It meant getting into the snow and shooting over and over until the perfect opportunity presented itself. The work was worth it, however, as Roy was able to walk away with this perfect mother with baby snow monkey shot.