The perfect subject, right lens and proper focus creates an amazing photograph of two snow monkeys embracing

When you’re photographing snow monkeys you need to frame your shot perfectly if you really want to capture their personalities. Roy Toft explains exactly how he did that during his 7 Photography Questions interview.

Framing Personality

Roy Toft: This is an adorable photograph of two cute snow monkeys hugging each other. They’re social animals, so you get tons of photos of monkeys interacting. They all interact and are as cute as these two youngsters. They’re just cuddling up for warmth.

Everywhere you look, there are monkeys hugging, kissing, grooming each other. When you shoot these actions, if it’s framed right and done right, it’s wonderful imagery. You literally go home everyday with hundreds of photos that you love. (click the image for a larger version)

Audri Lanford: What kind of lens did you use here? Do you remember?
Roy Toft: It’s not super wide. I didn’t want to encroach too closely on them, so it’s probably something like a 70-200mm, around the 70mm range. I didn’t want to get too much background.

I really wanted to zero in to see those snow monkeys close up. You can see that they’re arm in arm and cuddled close. You have to get those faces and see those eyes large enough so you don’t want to have too much background.

In Summary

Composition is critical when it comes to shooting any subject. Knowing how to focus on your subject while eliminating unnecessary background is key. Roy Toft used a 70-200mm lens in the 70mm range to capture this heartwarming shot of these two snow monkeys embracing.