Using the “bible” of stock photography to sell stock photos

It seems there’s a how-to book for everything — including selling stock photos. Scott Stulberg identifies the must-have resource, the “bible,” that everyone attempting to get into stock photos should have.

I also asked him what is the one thing he most wanted people to remember from this interview.

One book for selling stock photos

Scott Stulberg: The number one thing everybody needs to buy is a book called The Photographer’s Market. It’s by Writer’s Digest Books, and costs about $25.

It’s probably the number one item that everybody should get who wants to make money in photography.

It lists just about every kind of stock agency out there, every magazine that’s looking for images, every resource, every calendar company, greeting card company — it’s filled with people looking for images.
All you have to do is say, “Oh, this is Palm Press, here’s what they want. I’ll send a letter of inquiry with some test images, see what they want.”

You could spend everyday for the next three months writing for companies that are in this book and you’re probably going to hear back from a lot of them.

Some of them will say no and very many of them might say, “Yes, we like your work and we’d love for you to send in more stuff.”

Twenty-five bucks is all it takes to probably help you start making some money.

Audri Lanford: We’ve talked about SO many ideas today. I’d like to just end with: What is the one thing that you most want people to remember from today’s interview if they’re interested in stock photography?

Scott Stulberg: Overcome their fear of shooting people. If you go to any of these stock agency websites, you will see pictures of pregnant women, of kids on the beach, of people laying on rafts in the pool, of people smiling, office workers.

You’ll see medical staff, you’ll see marriages. Think about it. Open up magazines. Are you looking at travel stock photos more or are you seeing images of people? A girl with her glasses working on her laptop with a puzzled look.

You need to overcome your fear of people and you need to get better at shooting people in all kinds of positions, all kinds of variations, and you have to really preconceive the shot. Go out there, set it up, and do it.
Learn how to shoot people and learn how to come up with great ideas and you’re probably going to start making some money.

Audri Lanford: If people want to learn more about what you offer, what’s the best way for them to do that?

Scott Stulberg: They can go to my website and I have some links up there. It’s

I also teach at UCLA extension in Los Angeles and I teach at camera stores. Basically, go to my website and they can email me from there if they want to ask any questions.

Audri Lanford: Thanks again. You really helped de-mystify the world of stock photography for our listeners.

Scott Stulberg: Thank you so much Audri.

To summarize

Scott Stulberg is a master at selling stock photos, and there’s a reason for that. He combines his immense talent with hard work, knowing what resources to use, understanding the rules and being persistent.