For me myself, taking photograph, is not that difficult as I think before. Basically anyone can start taking pictures by framing a subject and clicking away at the button especially when he using digital compact camera which is fully automatic. Nevertheless, if you really take photography as an art, you would require some theories and practices. As a photography lover I certainly am learning how to take a good photograph. And here I simply want to share what I’ve learned so far.

When it comes to taking photograph, I really suggest that first you have to learn how your digital camera works. Even though most cameras come with anAuto setting but I think you should take your chances to take excellent photos by recognizing some aspects.

The first thing you should know from your camera is the Aperture or blend opening has the same function as pupil in our eyes. The bigger the opening, the more light you will get. It is very useful to own a lens with big opening especially in low light situation.

The second one is Shutter-Speed controls how long is the light exposure. Logically, the longer the exposure, the more light the sensor will receive. If we want to shoot an object that moving pretty fast, use the high shutter speed, e.g: 1/200 second. For instance, when you shoot streets where many cars passing by at night, you will get a fantastic picture.

The third one is ISO. ISO determines the light sensitivity of the sensor. In digital camera, the ISO speed can be set manually and automatically. To prevent the noise some photographers usually use the low ISO speed (normally 100 or 200), however in some situation they use ISO 400 or 800.

Another basic step in photography is to pay attention to the elements in your picture such as angle and lighting. The best angle creates a point of view and the sense of the photograph. The second one is the concept of lighting. You should think about the amount of available light and the type of light which used to create good pictures you want to get. In brief, it is important that you learn to control the light.

The last thing is practice. After spending a little more time getting to know your digital camera, it is time to take pictures as much as possible. Let’s taking some Good Pictures!