Today most mobile phones have cameras built into them. The most important advantage of these are that they are very portable and available when ever you need them as most people carry their phones along with them where ever they go. The mobile cameras however have some limitations. They are made so as to be very low on power consumption. Their sensors are very small so as to keep the phones compact. The image processors that they have are very basic. They also have high noise and low frame rates.

These are some tips that can help you get better pictures. These mobile phone cameras are however becoming more and more advanced by the day but these tips will help you even with the best mobile phone cameras.

1. Have Lots of Light

It is very important to have enough light, as the cameras have very small sensors, they have very small per pixel size. This means that the pixels get very little light to sense from due to this reasons most camera phones need good ambient light to perform well. They also tend to easily have burnouts, so too much light can also be a problem. Burn out as cause by the low Dynamic Ratio they have.

2. Shoot at low ISO

You may have bought your phone after reading the advertisement saying that it can handle ISO of 3200 or so,but do understand that these are only marketing gimmicks. The fact that these have very small sensors and are made with optimum power usage as the most important considerations makes them have very high noise levels even from the lowest ISO. This means that the high ISO ratings are practically unusable as they produce too much noise or the noise reductions makes the image unusable. So choose the lowest ISO possible and always avoid using auto as mostly the auto setting will drive up the ISO towards the higher levels.

3. Keep the lens clean

The mobile phone being a device that is constantly in use tends to get scratched and smudged easily. Make sure the lens is not smudged before you take pictures, many bad photos taken on a mobile phone camera are results of smudges. A more serious problem is the one of scratches, being something that is kept in the pocket or a handbag most of the time the chance of the lens getting scratched is very high. Thus we should be really careful about the lens as scratches tend to be permanent and can be hard to remove.

4. Flash On Mobile Phones are not that effective

The flashes that we find on mobile phones are mostly LED based lights, they are effective only in the darkest of conditions and thus, they do not provide sufficient lighting for cases like filling with flash to avoid back light problems etc. The best method would be to utilize some other source of light also along with the built in flash to provide sufficient lighting. Generally a torch or even a candle can provide an amount of lighting that will supplement the flash. If you happen to have more than one mobile at hand, they could be utilized to provide combined lighting, as the flashes are LED based they stay on.

5. Always Shoot at Full Resolution

The camera’s full resolution should be utilized always because already the quality of image is lower than other camera. The resolution should be set to the highest and the quality should also should be set to best. The quality usually determines the compression to be used and if you apply higher compression that will lead to loss of image details. Thus always shoot at highest resolution and lowest compression to maintain as much details as possible.

6. Take as many Photos as Possible

The results on phone can vary from one photo to another, this is mainly because of the relatively slower processor they use and also because of the metering system they use are not as effective. To counter this take as many pictures as possible. This will guarantee that at least some pictures will come out good. With relatively large memory cards being used in phones today this shouldn’t be difficult to do.

These are some of the precautions you can take so as to get good pictures from mobile phone cameras. The best way to learn photography is to take picture so keep clicking.