Each one of us has a dream about doing up our home exactly the way we want. It’s because we’ve probably had a mental picture of what our house should look like. However there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip and there could be several reasons that we can’t do justice to our homes; our financial constraints being an important reason. But that shouldn’t stop you from bringing a certain chutzpah and element of glamor to your house, which you can easily achieve with the help of Stencils.

Let’s face it, plain walls can be a bit dull and not everyone can afford fancy and expensive wallpaper. Neither can one spend huge amounts on furnishing and art pieces to be the focus of attention in your sitting room. Stencils give you the option of doing something creative on your walls and let it be an expression of not only your creativity but your style as well. Wall lettering looks cool and funky, while it also makes the right impression with your guests, who are likely to be taken in by it instantly.

But one reason wall lettering works brilliantly for everyone, including those with modest budgets is the fact that it can be done at reasonable costs. Buying Wall Stencils isn’t expensive however you have the option of going all the way with your creativity and making your own Stencils for your specific requirement. It will save you further costs and give you the satisfaction of having created something personal on your own.

Here are a few easy steps involved in making your own Stencils:

  • You have to start with typing the words you need on a simple word processor on your computer.

  • You can then choose the font, and size you want for your walls.

  • Your next task is to print these letters on an acetate paper, which should be dried well enough before moving on to the next step.

  • These individual letters have to be then placed on a piece of cardboard and you can cut out pieces that you will be tracing on the wall eventually.

  • It’s important that you keep the font size uniform throughout words as it has the desired impact on the wall.

  • Be patient and ensure that ink doesn’t get smudged.

It will not only be immensely satisfying but cost efficient too.