Double sided foam tapes are specially designed and find wide applications both for homes and for industrial purposes. Talking of its applications, some of the most common places where they are used are for sealing glazing units, cushioning safety helmets, framing photos and in other similar crafts. Not only this, they are also effectively used in various industrial purposes, preferably in the medical, manufacturing, constructions and cloth sectors. They are also available in a single sided variety but those types are inferior in terms of quality and shows tendency of wear and tear pretty quickly.

While purchasing double sided foam tapes, several things need to be taken into consideration. They are available in a large range of prizes ranging from a mere 2dollars to as high as 50dollars. Such a huge variation in terms of prize can make your job pretty difficult. Here are a few tips to help you in the purchasing process.

The first basic thing that you need to do is to carefully check the length and width of the strip you intend to buy. It is quite obvious that the prizes will go higher with increasing size. The bigger sizes are generally rolled into smaller sizes for better accommodation and ease in transportation. Such varieties are ideally suited for use in industrial purposes. On the contrary, the smaller ones are cheaper in comparison. However, there is a marked difference within similar categories based on quality grade. If you are ready to compromise with grade, you can well opt for the cheapest variety but it is recommended not to compromise with quality.

Speaking of quality grade double sided foam tapes and packaging tape are available in different qualities. While some are specially meant for use in households, some others are best suited for rough usage in industries.

With increase in durability, the grade of the product gets higher and more is its cost. Some of the better varieties are heat resistant and permanently lasting. On the contrary, some the products of inferior grade are meant for use and throw purposes. Such varieties have a life period beyond which they starting wearing and tearing. Thus, you should be specific about your requirements and make a precise selection.

Price also varies on density rating of the product. With increasing density, price rises. Hence, be specific about your density requirements. Following these points should make the job simple for you