For people who are new to digital photography, printing on white paper might produce slightly shabby and dull results. Therefore, take a look at some of the most common types of papers that can effectively transform your photographs.


Matte Paper- The matter papers are lusterless and have a dull appearance. They are used to produce high quality prints but have a rather plain finish. They are purely non glossy and therefore do not encounter problems from sun rays or finger marks. Their prime disadvantage is the fact that they soak a greater volume of ink into the paper which is bound to take a toll on the overall sharpness of the image. Matte paper is ideally suited for taking macro images. Depending on he brand and quality, they cost in the range of $8-20.


Glossy Paper- It is widely used for printing photographs and flyer printing gold coast . It is smooth to touch and is capable of providing a good sharp & vibrant image. Their major drawbacks include the fact that they are highly vulnerable to dust and fingerprints. They can be categorized into three major subtypes namely semi gloss, brand specific and premium grade papers. Glossy paper is relatively cheaper as compared to Matte paper.


Gloss Laminated- Postcard is the commonest example of a gloss laminated paper. A gloss laminated coat is applied which makes the paper look shinier. This class of paper is perfectly suitable for advertising purposes.


Stickers- These are glossy paper with a coat of adhesive pasted at their back that enables to peel off the sheath from the paper. Fifteen sheets of stickers cost around thirteen dollars in


Pulp- Pulp is a fibrous dry material prepared by either mechanically or chemically separating fibers. Being darker in style, photographs need to be made a bit lighter to adjust with th