Laser Mapping Specialists LiDAR US LLC have come up with an innovative technique of Lider 3D Mapping for generating highly precise and accurate reproductions of the terrain it scans. LiDAR or Light Detection and Ranging have been developed by LiDAR US LLC which is solely owned by Digital World Mapping Inc.

Using a principle very similar to RADAR, this new Laser mapping technique has combined it with GPS and INS to give rise to a new aerial system for data collection and analysis, thus creating what is known as the Airborne Lidar or Aerial Lidar. The output obtained from these laser mapping systems is exceptional in their picture quality and accuracy of terrain projection. LiDAR also scores over RADAR in its ability to pierce through vegetation cover and project and predict very small objects.

Traditionally used in terrain mapping for gas and oil exploration, these Airborne Lidar projections about the topography of a particular area have also become an essential component of Forest Management, Corridor mapping, Utilities Surveillance, Environmental Monitoring etc. More and more agencies are now relying on these high precision images and drone photography for better resource management.

About The Company: Laser mapping specialists, with their Aerial Lidar systems are all set to revolutionize the professional aerial photography Queensland industry. Using a beam of light which is transmitted to an object and then measuring the time required for it to echo back, these systems are able to make precise calculations giving a more accurate view of the target covered. Using a technology par excellence they have transformed the thinking of the people with their data collection and picture quality. In operation since the year 2004, LiDAR US LLC with its vast repertoire of experience have skillfully created a name for themselves in the field of laser mapping and continue to be world leaders in this field.